It is our mission to provide thorough, professional analysis of business issues and provide real-world recommendations to solve those issues and see the process through to final implementation and assessment. Through our internal consultants or our national network of like-minded professionals, we are capable of providing comprehensive evaluations and recommendations to our clients and back those recommendations up with real-life solutions in the insurance marketplace. Professional issue resolution, on terms that are satisfactory for the client and within budget, is our goal; integrity and knowledge are our tools.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive All-Lines Risk Analysis, with emphasis on identifying risks and matching risk financing options to minimize financial risk to the organization
  • Claims Auditing services, to evaluate the proficiency of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and insurance companies in handling your claims and seeking available recoveries or subrogation opportunities, Managed Care efficiencies and Organizational Effectiveness in general
  • Loss Control inspections designed to minimize the risk of accidents or work-related incidents
  • Premium Audits and other cost containment services
  • Self-Insured Retention Analysis to develop the optimal level of retention of losses consistent with the organization’s financial plan
  • Assistance in the development of Requests for Proposal and the evaluation of submissions from responders in insurance related topics
  • Assistance in the identification and selection of insurance brokers/agents, insurance companies and Third Party claims administrators
  • Development of and the implementation of performance metrics in the workplace to minimize employee injuries, as well as the development of performance measurements to evaluate the performance of the organization and the entities they hire to handles claims efficiently and fairly
  • Provide Business Continuity Planning expertise, especially in the area of Business Impact Analysis, development of restoration priority and assistance in planning appropriate response procedures to a protracted business interruption